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Who's Clip Clopping Over My Bridge?

Installation inside Deutzer Brucke for exhibition 'Dudelsack', Cologne, Germany, 2005.

Installation based on the idea of wild animals hiding in an urban space, only visible as silhouettes with bright eyes shining as the light beam finds them. Exhibition took place in the tunnel-like closed concrete room inside a bridge over the river Rhine.

Card, wood, paint, reflective textile, sound, and motion-sensor controlled spotlights.


  Installation Whos clip clopping

Text by Peter V. Brinkemper for 'Dudelsack' catalogue:

‘Her subject is the borderline between civilization and nature, the unexpected encounter of animal and man. Life-size silhouettes show us the magic of the natural world, with traces and damage which we are often confronted with unexpectedly, even in the city. Thus we experience the quiver of nature which in our human interaction we have almost lost through the pace and habits of contemporary life. As accompaniment to her installation, Paulina has sound fragments of wonderfully authentic stories which tell of shivers and goose pimples when meeting strange and unfamiliar kinds of creatures.’

  Installation Whos clip clopping
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