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drawing The Troll Coprolite Archive
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The Troll Coprolite Archive is a scientific and artistic investigation into a troll coprolite found on the Scottish coast outside Aberdour in September 2011. Through thorough analyses an attempt to explain the inexplicable was made. The archive mirrors a time when early scientific research was based on a human desire to understand and control nature.

The archive consists of analyses based on the following measurements and studies: length, width, breadth, weight, radio activity; colour & texture, substance and food analyses; an extensive cultural-mythological analysis and a geological report. I have also performed a site map, drawings, photographs, rubbings, mono prints and video documentation of the site.

The archive was presented in an earlier version in a Victorian library, the Portico Library and Gallery, in Manchester (Curious Pursuits, 2012) and an excerpt was shown as a slide show at La Station in Nice (Sunshine & Precipitation/ De la pluie et du beau temps, 2012). The most complete display of the archive was exhibited at the Annuale in Edinburgh (Blue Box Room, 2012).

The Troll Corpolite Archive
14-16 June 2012
Blue Box Room
Sunshine & Precipitation/ De la pluie
et du beau temps
12-19 May 2012
La Station
Curious Pursuits
3-29 February 2012
The Portico Library & Gallery
Troll Coprolite specimen
Troll coprolite specimen
Troll Coprolite Archive
Corpolite site map


Length: 59mm

Width: 45mm

Height: 22mm

Weight: 240mg

Radioactivity: o.25 ┬ÁSv

Condition: stable, somewhat crumblin

Coprolite drawing base side
Coprolite specimen
Coprolite drawing top side

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