Paulina Sandberg


sculpture/ installation

Mutated Stars

Whitespace, 25 Howe Street, Edinburgh

20-27 September 2014

with Tessa Berring

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‘ What was life, really? It was warmth, the warmth produced by instability attempting to preserve form, a fever of matter that accompanies the ceaseless dissolution and renewal of protein molecules, themselves transient in their complex and intricate construction. It was the existence of what, in actuality, has no inherent ability to exist, but only balances with sweet, painful precariousness on one point of existence in the midst of this feverish, interwoven process of decay and repair. It was not matter, it was not spirit. It was something in between the two, a phenomenon borne by matter, like the rainbow above a waterfall, like a flame. But although it was not material, it was sensual to the point of lust and revulsion, it was matter shamelessly sensitive to stimuli within and without – existence in its lewd form.’
Thomas Mann ‘The Magic Mountain’ (Der Zauerberg) 1924

Copyright Paulina Sandberg

How do we understand our bodies? Is there a way to describe the sense of lost privacy when the intimate becomes public? Is it voyeurism? Exhibitionism? Maybe both? But does it also contain a bond of trust, honesty, even intimacy in revealing what we usually choose to hide?

For Mutated stars I have chosen work from two ongoing projects started a few years ago. In my practice I search for a sense of wonder, something primal, in an exploration of contemporary man's relationship with nature and with these two projects I have turned to a more personal level of nature, by looking at the intimate aspects of how we relate to our bodies – and more specifically: our stomachs.

‘Revelation (Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow)’ began as a curious look at a vulnerable part of the body for many associated with self-consciousness, and grew to incorporate issues of exchange, trust, intimacy and voyeurism. The interactive project started a few years ago at a group show in Belfast (Give and Take, PS2 Gallery) where in exchange for cut-up images of my own body I asked the public to let me take snapshots of their stomachs to be used as starting point for a series of paintings.

Revelations Orange Torso  Painting
  Revelation (Orange)
  Revelations Red Torso  Painting
  Revelation (Red)
  Drawing on wall and paper
  wall drawing and drawing on paper
  We are part star you and I (Drawing O).
Video sun reflection water

In a Blink of an Eye. video projection

Wall and paper line drawing
  Revelation 4 paintings
  Paulina Sandberg wall drawing