Paulina Sandberg


sculpture/ installation
art related work

Soft as Silk

  Soft as silk video
video loop 2min20s 2008

Soft as silk is part of an on-going series of work on how we experience and relate to nature. This series of work deals with stinging and prickly plants within the context of a romanticised natural world and thresholds. The film is seductive and frightening, the nettles form a barrier to an impenetrable wilderness, with connotations of strength and endurance in expressions like ‘to grasp the nettle’ and:
Stroke the nettle gently and it stings you for your pains
Grab it like a man of mettle and it soft as silk remains
The film was originally shown at 'Gledinbow' in Edinburgh as a 2-channel video installation.

Exhibited at 'Gledinbow', Edinburgh 2008 and 'Supermarket', Stockholm 2009.    
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