Art-related jobs and workshops:
art jobs

Midlothian Women's Aid (2012-2014)

Baking and Eggshells Feb-July 2012:

Lead artist, art teacher and curator of an exhibition for a project together with women who had experienced domestic abuse, consisiting of workshops and art lessons which built up towards an eye-opening exhibition of sculpture, painting, drawing, photographs and installation relating to domestic abuse. Connected to this project I was commissioned to produce a portable sound sculpture documenting the women's experiences.

Feb-Apr 2014 (Women's Aid East and Midlothian):

Lead artist and art teacher for a series of art workshops together with women and children who had expereienced domestic abuse and staff from Women's aid, to produce communal artworks for the safe homes run by Women's Aid. Through the wonderful efforts of the women and children involved we produced three fabric wall hangings for their temporary accommmodation.


Artlink (2005-2010)


Sensory and experience based art workshops for adults with severe disabilities together with Glasgow based artists Steve Hollingsworth and Jim Colquhoun - with the use of sound, light, colour, smell, music, projections, instrument, games, movement, repetition, voices, texture, fabrics, poetry and Abba.


Edinburgh College of Art (2004-2011)


Academic Support Tutor (dyslexia support) 2005-2011
Disability Support 2004-2005

St Andrews Museum (2007)

Children's art workshops for exhibition OK,Okay.

The War Museum, Edinburgh (2005)

Children's art workshops together with artist Naomi Garriock